My name is Shawn J. Wilhite (Ph.D. Candidate at Durham University in Historical and Theological Studies; Ph.D. in New Testament  and Th.M. in Patristics [Southern Seminary]; Th.M. in New Testament [TMS]). I am married to a wonderful wife and father to two beautiful children. Currently, I live in Southern California, am an Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at California Baptist University, and serve as director and research fellow for the Center for Ancient Christian Studies.

A number of academic topics consume the majority of my research interests. I wrote my Th.M. thesis on historical Jesus research and, thus, have generally maintained interest in the canonical and non-canonical Gospels, historiography, and historical Jesus research. During my my Ph.D. residency at Southern Seminary, I spent the majority of my research in Hebrews, Didache, early Christian hermeneutics, and the Alexandrian Christian tradition. And now, during my Ph.D. candidacy at Durham University, I am focusing on the reception of Hebrews in Cyril of Alexandria. In general, then, my writing, reading, production, collegiate teaching, and academic identity coalesces around the New Testament, Early Christian Origins, and Patristic disciplines.

Given these academic interests and an ever pressing desire to gain writing competency in the New Testament and Early Church disciplines, my blog posts will be centered around these interests, as well as list my book reviews and publications, and other research aids.

Hopefully, my blog posts will compel growth in my writing and disciplinary studies, provide an outlet to test ideas, and chronicle theological thinking in order to serve you, my readers.

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