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QOTD: St. Augustine 'On Christian Teaching'

On Christian Teaching Here is a valuable quote by Augustine on tracing the progression of equipping a person. Fearing God causes one to seek within the Scriptures. Holiness begets moral virtue. Virtue prohibits a desire for controversy. Knowledge of biblical languages and other essential items harbor ignorance. Now, the student is able to accept instruction from Augustine.

St. Augustine, On Christian Teaching, 3.1.1.

The student who fears God earnestly seeks his will in the holy scriptures. Holiness makes him gentle, so that he does not revel in controversy; a knowledge of languages protects him from uncertainty over unfamiliar words or phrases, and a knowledge of certain essential things protects him from ignorance of the significance and detail of what is used by way of imagery.

Regional ETS Paper Abstract

Oxford University Press: Review of Oxford Apostolic Fathers Commentary Series